miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

John P. van Gigch: High technology transfer and computer education: Lessons drawn from the case of a developing country

Abstract Argentina is a developing country which at present is faced with the advent of high technology and the computer age. In Argentina, like for that matter elsewhere, technology is outrunning our capability to understand it and to take full advantage of its potential.
This report describes the conditions prevailing in Argentina to assess the potential impact of high technology in education. Recommendations to implement a program of technology transfer in a typical developing country are drawn. In addition, some of the shortcomings of computer education in Argentina as well as in the United States are indicated.

School of Business and Public Administration at the California State University, 95819 Sacramento, California
The Journal of Technology Transfer
Volume 8, Number 2 / March, 1984
SpringerLink Date: Friday, September 30, 2005

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