miércoles, abril 26, 2006

Iconocast - The consumer isn't a moron.

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Give the facts. The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. She wants all the information you can give her. David Ogilvy

I have been involved in Internet Marketing for the past 12 years
If our Internet Marketing plan worked, it was more based on luck and not a reliable science
The Internet Marketing discussed on this site is based on a proven scientific system
This system is based on the science and psychology of persuasion and intrinsic motivations
The links Internet Marketing through Tips, Reasons, Guidance for Logical Persuasion and First Law of Branding summarize this science
As you read and understand our "new trails" in eMarketing, you realize how important
is Ogilvy's quote above at the time when the Internet did not even exist

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