jueves, febrero 08, 2007

The Machine is us/sing us

Muy pero muy interesante para repasar la evolución de la Web hasta Web 2.0 y para repensar lo que estamos haciendo con la tecnologia, o lo que la tecnología esta haciendo con nosotros.

Thank you for visiting our blog. I am writing this short post in order to provide a place for those interested in the video, “Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” to place substantial comments. As you know, YouTube only allows 500 characters, not enough to really start rethinking any of the things I mentioned in the video. So post your comments here. I will be back to write a substantial post addressing some common questions about the video soon.

Becky (one of my students) noted that it is like we were planning for a party and the guests arrived before we were ready. So please pardon the mess. We’ll be up and running soon and I look forward to some great conversations.

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