martes, mayo 15, 2007

El Futuro de las noticicas?: This is the Future of the News: The Arianna Huffington Interview

via The Huffington Post is an incredible Web success story. In two years it's become a site with enormous traffic based upon the richness of its content. Is the future of news media? It's partisan, of course, but in many countries -- and even many American cities -- newspapers overtly take sides. More important from the point of view of the miscellaneous, the Huffington Post has an abundance of bloggers and commentators, representing a wide range of progressive interests, who provide an infrastructure of ideas, facts and opinions that adds context to any story.

In this audio podcast (the second in a series sponsored by Wired News and the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society) David Weinberger talks with Arianna Huffington about her site and how bloggers are reorganizing and reinventing the news.

Click in the player below to listen to the interview. Or, for a downloadable MP3 file and full transcript, continue reading.

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