viernes, marzo 09, 2007

MySpace Negotiating with Media Companies for Content Deals

MySpace is reportedly in the midst of negotiations with "all the major media companies" about bringing their content to the News Corp. property.

Now, only shows from News Corp.'s Fox, such as 24 and Prison Break, are available via MySpace, Reuters reports (via Hollywood Reporter). "There's certainly an opportunity for the media companies to get together," Peter Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive Media, said. "MySpace will be a huge beneficiary of that."

Speculation has increaed in recent months that major media companies may be looking to band together to create an online video platform to rival Google's YouTube.

Content-deal negotiations between YouTube and Viacom and CBS recently unraveled, adding to that speculation. The media companies may also choose to go it alone in the digital distribution of content.

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