domingo, abril 01, 2007

Global: The Wired - 40 10th annual list of the most innovative companies in the world

Top tres: Google (1/1), Apple (2/2) y Genentech (3/4).

4-10: Samsung (4/3), News Corp. (5/9), Nintengo (6/nueva), (7/15), Cisco (8/12), General Electric (9/8), Nvidia (19/21).

11 al 40, verlos en el link (titulo de la nota).

Inclui nombre (ranking 2007 / ranking 2006)

They're masters of innovation and technology, global thinkers that dominate their industries and point the way to the future. Our 10th annual list of the 40 most wired companies in the world.
in on the Wired 40.

Each year the editors name a short list of companies for the Wired 40. Now, you can have a vote as well.

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